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Anyone can run a freelance business from the comfort of their homes. Through freelancing, you can earn USD consistently and most importantly develop long-term client relationships to build your freelance business. The world changed this year in favour of remote workers.

Source Smart recently opened up an intensive 4-week coaching program for non-native English speaking freelancers who want to improve their craft and get opportunities to work with international clients. Here are my few takeaways from the first two sessions of the freelancing training:

How to position yourself to get clients on Upwork

Bamidele Freelancer

Bamidele – Nigeria

One of the key takeaways from the first two sessions is how to position yourself to get international clients. Upwork is a great place to connect with great freelancing clients.  Your Upwork profile is the first opportunity to make a good and lasting impression on potential clients. If you want to work with international clients, you must be strategic and professional with your Upwork profile. To do this, it is essential to look professional in your Upwork profile. Use a professional and high-quality headshot of you with a smiling face. Your picture speaks a lot about you and can determine whether a client considers you for the job or not.

Ensure that your profile focuses on your client, their pains, and the solution that your services provide. The profile description should succinctly address what keeps your clients awake at night. Clients want to hire freelancers that understand their pains and can provide solutions to their problems. They also want to know how you can do it. Clearly explain the value you provide to the client instead of making your profile all about you. Let your profile description be about your clients, their pain points, and how can you help them.

Get noticed by clients with attractive portfolios

This is another way to get the attention of potential clients. It is essential to show your clients what you’ve done in the past and how you’ve helped previous clients as a freelancer. It is important to build your portfolio to attract targeted clients. An impressive portfolio convinces clients you’re a good fit and assure them that you can execute their job.

If your goal is to get international clients, you need to be strategic about your samples and portfolio. In the absence of relevant samples, you can go the extra mile to write one for your target clients’ business. It will showcase your ability to get the job done, and you’ll win the job when you showcase your strengths.

Before you jump into freelancing and Upwork to start prospecting for clients, here are a few things you need you should know:

Learn to read and understand the client’s brief

Freelancer Working
Freelancer reading a client’s brief

What is a client brief? It is a set of instructions by the client on the goal of the freelancing project. It guides the freelancer on how to approach the project and meets the client’s expectations.

In the absence of a brief, you can have a questionnaire in place to know and understand the client’s expectations. The questionnaire helps extract the right information needed to get the client’s job done. The questionnaire should be a set of simple questions that will help clients give concise information about their projects.

If you want to go far in freelancing, learn the right way to take job briefs from your clients.  Listen with your full attention during the client interview. When you listen to your clients, you’ll be able to understand their needs and take down their briefs for the job. Don’t accept paid client work on freelance marketplaces, only to find out that you have not really understood what the client wants. You’ll end up wasting your time and the clients’ time in the long run. So, this is worth paying attention to.

So, there you have a few key lessons I learned from my awesome coach, Charmaine Thring, as one of the participants in the December freelancing training. Position yourself to attract freelance clients by standing out from the competition and provide valuable solutions to them. Clients are human and need to be treated as such. They have feelings, goals, and they are running their businesses.

Ready to learn how to position yourself for international clients? Sign up for the upcoming Source Smart freelancers coaching starting 10 February 2021. During the coaching sessions, Charmaine will teach how to successfully start, grow, and monetise your freelance skills, even if you’re just a beginner and non-native speaker.