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You finally had the guts to start your own business. You are now living the dream of being your own boss. You work your own hours and most importantly, you do a job that you love.

However, things aren’t as exciting as they used to be when you started out. The dream has now turned into a nightmare.Stressed?

You find yourself working all the time. You are slowly feeling overwhelmed from all the long hours you put in. You can’t even remember how a weekend off looked like. A vacation? Oh, my that’s a pipe dream!

God forbid if you get sick and have to take a couple of days off. Who will do all the important stuff, which is basically EVERYTHING?

You had goals of growing your business in under a year but you’re still struggling and your profits are stagnating.

The good news is that things are quickly changing. The way people do business is also changing. It’s totally possible to scale your business and double your profits while still enjoying your life away from your business.

How is that possible?

The secret is outsourcing.

There are so many benefits of outsourcing. More personal freedom, increased profits, peace of mind knowing you have a well-oiled machine running and so much more.

But I’m sure you’re more interested in how this will translate into more money for your business. How does hiring people, I know you’re thinking that’s an extra expense, and working less really mean more money for you?

So let’s cut straight to how to actually do it.

Lower Your Labor Costs

You are at a point in your business where you admit that you need help. You are ready to hire more staff to help you grow your business because even though you’re a ninja business owner, you can’t do it all by yourself.

But before you hire full-time employees, consider outsourcing instead.

Both small and large businesses are saving a lot of money by outsourcing their staff. Hiring freelance talent is way cheaper than hiring full-time staff. You also get to hire people to work on you on a need basis.

Research shows that a company stands to save about 60% in operational costs when using freelancers.

Get More Done

If you’re a sole business owner, you’re obviously doing all the work by yourself. Naturally, you can only do so much alone. Let’s imagine that you’re selling a product online. Currently, you’ve managed to make three sales a day.

You have to think about new product ideas, update your website, send out emails, post new content on social media, go out and meet customers, address customer concerns and so much more. How much time do you really have to actually market your products?

Now imagine if you outsource your marketing tasks to an experienced freelance copywriter. Their only job is to market your products online. They have the time and the expertise. You give them a target of 6 products per day and they hit and surpass this target.

Now you’re making more than double the sales you did when you were working alone. This for just an extra few dollars to pay the copywriter. Freelance copywriters are cheaper to hire than a full-time digital marketing specialist.

On average, a digital marketing specialist earns a salary up to $150,000 per year. This is without adding employee benefits. A freelance copywriter will charge about $30 to $50 per hour and receives no benefits.

Diversify Your Business

Working by yourself means that you can only do what you’re good at. This limits the kind of business that you can run. In most cases, your ideas remain just that, ideas.

Outsourcing, however, allows you to hire people who will execute your business ideas allowing you to diversify your income sources. Outsource tasks that you are not very good at and get the job done in a much shorter time and at a reasonable price.

For instance, if you’re a business coach and you realize that after taking your coaching program your customers are interested in getting a business website right away. You are not a web design expert so how would you take advantage of this great business opportunity to make more money?

Remember, the aim of outsourcing is to make more money, save time, and acquire skills and labor that are not available within your business.

Lower Your Business Risks

To make more money, you need to be brave and take certain risks. Try out new things and see how they work out. You may succeed, or you may fail. To lower the risk of failing, outsource such projects.

You can try to outsource projects on your own and risk failing or get very stressed trying to find the right freelancers for your business or you can let us handle this for you leaving you free to focus on sales.

For example, you need regular blog posts and social media content but you don’t like writing. Trying to find writers is not what interests you, in fact, you would rather rip your hair out.

So join our team where we have experienced writers ready to work with you saving you time, money and headache.

Start Your Own Agency

Wondering how to start your own agency without going broke?

You can spend months searching for talent online on different platforms, going through hundreds of applicants, interviewing them, giving them trial tasks and hoping you make a good hire.

Or you can use our team that is already trained and highly experienced led by a project manager, Charmaine Thring with over 20 years experience outsourcing any task you can think of.

The team also includes project managers, a sales team, customer support agents, social media managers, copywriters, accountants etc., who cover all the timezones in the world.

 A dedicated team that is highly experienced will help you make money even when you’re away from the business. The best part is that this team will not cost you more than just their salaries.

You don’t have to worry about renting office space, buying furniture and stationery, Internet or other overheads. You don’t have to worry about paying for employee insurance, time off, contributing for retirement funds etc. Money for such costs will go to your profits.

Outsourcing is brilliant and the possibilities are endless. There are no limits on how much your business can grow by using freelancers. Only the sky is your limit.