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Top 5 Outsourcing Platforms

Outsourcing is the new trend, and it has taken the world by storm, but many business owners have the same question: Where do I begin?

Even the most technologically advanced gurus do not know where to begin when searching for contractors to handle their business needs. However, if you search for them; you will find them. But what do you do when a simple Google search returns countless freelancing companies? Then you will have these basic questions:

  • How do you know which contractors are legit?
  • Will this company provide excellent marketing or bookkeeping services?
  • Which outsourcing companies have exactly what you need?
  • How are the freelancers selected?
  • What is the turnaround time?
  • How much will this cost me?

If only the search engines came with a warning of which companies can provide quality content, or the names of the contractors that can take on a designing task and nail it on the first or second try. The fact is that you may be even more lost when the results come in, as you were when you began the initial search.

Don’t worry; we have put together a list of some of the most popular outsourcing companies. Take a closer look at how they can save your business money by bypassing a traditional full-time staff. After all, you’re in business to earn money, not lose it.

Secondly, you don’t want to spend all of your time working, working, and working. Being overworked was exactly what led to the creation known as The 4-Hour Workweek. But since that book was written, outsourcing offshore and online has taken off, and this way of conducting business will not be slowing down anytime soon!

Outsourcing allows you to build a team of experts to do traditional jobs, without hiring full-time workers and going over budget. Bottom line, hiring freelancers saves you time, money, and headaches!

Speedlancer Lives Up to Its Name


Time is definitely money, and while Speedlancer may be the new kid on the online outsourcing block, this company definitely values your time and money.

Question: What makes this company so different from other outsourcing companies?

Answer: It’s superfast, and the work remains stellar!

Speedlancer offers a variety of services that you can use, such as:

  • Blogging
  • Data Entry
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Research for Any Topic
  • Transcription Services
  • Branding Help
  • and much more!

The site is easy to navigate. You simply enter your price, along with a briefing for your task, and one of the qualified freelancers will take it from there. You don’t have to sift through proposal after proposal, or conduct interview after interview; this has already been done for you. Speedlancer puts you in contact with dependable freelancers that get the job done right!

But wait, the benefits do not stop there. Did we mention that Speedlancer is fast? If so, let us reiterate: this company is Superfast! It typically takes five to 50 minutes for a freelancer to accept your task. Once the task has been accepted, the freelancer has four hours to get it done.

If you want a revision; all you have to do is ask. Speedlancer makes sure that you are completely satisfied with the work that you receive.

You can see for yourself; the blog you’re currently reading was outsourced to Speedlancer!

Using Upwork to your Advantage


When you join Upwork, you are joining a community, literally! There are more than 4 million other companies that use this platform to find some of the best freelancers from around the world.

When you signup on UpWork, you will find more than 2700 skills to choose from, including:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Translation Services
  • Web, Mobile, and Software Development
  • Content Writing
  • Designing and Creative Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Legal Assistance
  • Customer Service Help
  • Data Entry
  • Engineering and Architecture Services


Even though this is a non-traditional way of hiring, you can still use traditional methods. For instance, you can make sure the right contractor is taking on your job by viewing his or her visible rating on the website. You can also interview the candidates by email, Skype, telephone, or other communication methods.

So what’s the big difference?

There are thousands of freelancers ready to take on your job. It typically takes three days to hire a contractor using Upwork, whereas, finding traditional employees could take one month or more, which is why using online outsourcing is great for businesses.

The work is moderately-priced, and the contractors must agree on your hourly or fixed price before accepting the project.

This gives you more time to handle business, instead of being too busy to do anything!

Using 99 Designs for Your Design Project

If you love a good contest, 99 Designs is definitely the online outsourcing company for you. Only these aren’t ordinary contests, they are contests that turn your ideas into quality designs.

How does it work? Simple, you can present your vision with the designers on this platform. Immediately, you will receive hundreds of bids and ideas from designers. You can interact and give them feedback pertaining to the designs.

You may not have the same vision as the designers, which is why the process on 99 Designs helps you get a better result, in comparison to using other outsourcing platforms. After receiving your feedback, the designers provide you with great designs, and you choose the one that you love.

This ensures that you get exactly what you are searching for, without having meeting after meeting, and wasting your resources, money, and time!

99 Designs allows you to set a fixed price, and you will never pay more for your design than what was originally agreed to. With smaller budgets, you have the option to choose from designs in the pre-made logo store.

The Freelancer Community


If you need something, this Australia-based platform company will have it. Some of the services that are available to you include:

  • Data Entry
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Marketing
  • Content Writing

There are more than eighteen-million verified contractors within the Freelancer community, ready to help provide services to you for a fraction of the traditional costs.

This freelancing site offers you many of the benefits that outsourcing promises:

  • Growing your business by outsourcing tasks and receiving them as quickly as 24-hours.
  • Build a team by selecting multiple freelancers to handle tasks when you need them done, instead of paying for full-time employees when there is no work to be done.
  • Eliminate unemployment benefits, holiday pay, sick pay, and other benefits when using this outsourcing community.


Fiverr’s Simple Concept


There are freelancers that will take on your project for $5 when you use the Fiverr platform. What can you get?

  • Blogging
  • SEO Services
  • Graphic Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Translation
  • and a whole lot more!

This popular outsourcing company consists of a community of contractors that will provide content to your business for a $5 fee. The contractors have a positive and negative rating system on the website that you can see. If you would like to receive more information pertaining to a contractor, you have the option to send him or her a message through the platform before assigning the project. It is best to choose a contractor with the longest – and most positive – work history on this website.

Keep in mind that you’re only paying $5 for a project, so the services may not be high-quality.

Fiverr’s virtual assistants generally take 1-3 hours to accept a project. However, if you choose one of the more popular contractors from this community, it could take a little longer for your work to be delivered.

Start Outsourcing Now!

You need to welcome online outsourcing into your business mix, or you run the risk of being left behind. Within the next five years, there will be more than 14 million freelancers working on a full-time basis, and that’s just in the United States!

With people wanting to escape the traditional 9-5, and go in search of the freedom that The 4-Hour Workweek introduced to the world, it will be hard for you to find good employees. This means that it will be difficult for your business to remain competitive in a competitive business world!

Contact us now and begin taking advantage of all that online outsourcing has to offer!

We can help you use these platforms, and find many others, to make it in the world of online outsourcing.

Our services will help your business welcome the revolution, and gather the pieces necessary to have an exceptional future!