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Whether you are a running a start-up business or an established one, you certainly have a lot of things to do, so identifying tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant will save you huge amounts of time and energy. However, if outsourcing is something new to you, you probably feel half-hearted about it being worthy of your time and money. Can virtual assistants duplicate you? Can they meet your expectations? All these questions and more can run through your head, but let me stop your thoughts right now…

There are a so many outsourcing websites to choose from now, Upwork in particular, that have great sources of talented Virtual Assistants all over the globe with a range of skills that fit your specific requirements. Although, you will initially feel like you are taking a risk in outsourcing aspects of your business, you can’t deny that you need the help of a VA to minimize the load on your plate. After all, you have sole control over choosing who to hire for a particular project. There will be a specific article discussing the hiring process so you are 100% assured of getting only the best VA’s for your business.

Before you start searching for a Virtual Assistant work out what tasks you need to outsource and write a good job description to attract the right candidates. This is the missing link to outsourcing successfully.

Not sure how to write a job description?  We have you covered with this FREE Video Lesson and Fillable Template, Click Here to access.

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Meanwhile, here are the top 10 tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Inbox Email Management

Organizing your emails and deleting unnecessary ones can be a tedious task so it is better outsourced than dealt with every single day. Just imagine the time you can save when a VA does the scanning of your inbox regularly. Plus, it will be easier for you to find the email you need when they are segregated accordingly. This is especially relieving if you have more than one inbox to organize.

  1. Internet Research

Be it competitor research, market research, or any other data research, the process definitely eats a large portion of your time. Hiring someone with excellent research skills can be truly beneficial. You just provide the keywords and the VA will gather and organize all the information you need.

  1. Schedule and Manage Tasks

 Time management is one of the key issues when running a business. Because you have so much to do, you tend to mix things up and miss an appointment or two. While there are online tools that you can use to remind you of an upcoming event or meeting or an urgent task that needs to be done, doing the scheduling yourself is very time-consuming. You can simply let the VA do this task for you using tools like Google Calendar,, Trello, and more. An alarm along with a notification will pop up on your phone, tablet, laptop, and/or PC before the exact time of your meeting or your work deadline.

  1. Online File Storage and Organization (e.g. Dropbox)

Organizing your documents in a file storage system such as Dropbox will help you find what you need faster. This not only saves your time but your laptop’s or iPad’s memory. Outsourcing this task to a VA prevents you from having a cluttered desktop, which is an eye sore each time you open your monitor.

  1. Posting Content (e.g. Blog and Social Media Pages)

If you already have a sequence of blog posts but you have no time to post it on your blog, you may want to consider letting the VA take over the posting process. S/he can then do other things like embed relevant images, insert hyperlinks, and more. Afterwards, s/he can also share the blog post to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and others. You can also outsource the researching of topics for your future blog posts.

  1. Create PowerPoint Presentation

Creating PowerPoint presentations is also another thing that you can outsource. The VA can do everything – from outlining the information you provided, to choosing the slide design, to picking corresponding graphics, and making sure that the entire presentation is engaging. This is especially helpful to those who are not really creative.

  1. Respond to Facebook Messages

Facebook handling can be very time-consuming as most customers and prospects use the platform to ask questions, follow-up with their orders, or complain about your product/s and/or services. I’m sure you want to lighten your load and stress by leaving this task to your VA. The VA can actively respond to such and improve your response time on your page, which is one thing customers look for before dealing with any business since it shows how fast or how slow it takes you to reply to inquiries.

  1. Following up with Clients (Sending Thank You Emails and Others)

Following up with your clients is one of the things that is often forgotten, which can cause a rip on your business’ reputation. To avoid this kind of negative branding, your VA can send thank you emails or do follow-up calls on your behalf. This way, your business can have a regular voice and your customers will feel valued.

  1. Taking Down Minutes of the Meeting

Having minutes of the meeting is crucial especially when you’re trying to recall what has been agreed on. To save you time, you can simply record your meeting and let the VA transcribe the minutes for you. By having the minutes readily available, you can easily extract information you need for your client proposals before you even get back to the office.

These are just some of the countless business-related tasks that you can start to outsource. If you will notice, these are just simple tasks. The aim is for you to feel comfortable first with outsourcing one or two tasks among the list so you can confidently hire a VA for more complex and more crucial tasks later on. By deciding to outsource basic tasks like these, you can focus on more important aspects of your business that needs your full attention.