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Virtual assistance is a term that has been doing a lot of rounds online and if you are a beginner in the outsourcing world then you would think that outsourcing is the ultimate solution to all of your business needs. Well, you will have to think again.

Being an expert demands specialization in one or two disciplines. It is therefore impossible for one person to be an expert in everything. This is what many businesses are doing today, flooding one person with administration tasks, website development, and social media marketing among other things. This results in dealing with a Jack of all trades which can lead to a washed down quality of work being delivered.

The only way you can succeed when it comes to outsourcing is through working with an online freelance team. With such a team, the right person is allocated tasks that are equal to their experience and skills. The scenario is very different when dealing with an “ all knowing “ expert because if they are unavailable, your business will be affected.

Your best chance is by making a smart move and here are the top 10 skills that you can outsource so as to grow your business and build a reliable virtual freelance team.

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1. Virtual Assistant

One of the mistakes business owners commits when outsourcing is hiring a Virtual Assistant and letting the freelancer do everything – from administrative tasks to accounting to graphic design and more.

What they fail to realize is that they are minimizing the efficiency of the freelancer and contradicting the purpose of outsourcing, which is to save time and eliminate errors.

A Virtual Assistant is not a can-do-all freelancer. Parts of a VA’s services include email management, client follow-up, database building, file management, report preparation (Word, Excel, slideshow, etc.), and other secretarial tasks. You can hire a VA from $7 an hour or higher depending on their skills and level of experience.

2. Graphic Designer

Whether you simply need a logo, social media graphics, website banner, or other branding illustrations, you should hire a Graphic Designer to do the design work. The average rate of an experienced Graphic Designer is $20 an hour.  Very reasonable compared to the hours and efforts you’re going to spend when you do it yourself or invest in the correct software.

3. Bookkeeper

Spare yourself the headache of organizing your numbers by hiring a Bookkeeper. The Bookkeeper will do the sorting of your receipts and invoices and organize them for delivery to your Accountant. Now, you can forget about working on your receipts and invoices every weekend because someone able is going to handle it. This means more family time and your time at a price of $15 per hour when you outsource these tasks to a Bookkeeper.

4. Website Designer

First things first. A Web Designer is different from a Web Developer. Never let a single freelancer handle both or else you’ll be sacrificing efficiency. Now, what a Web Designer does is apply a magic touch to your website in terms of visuals. The freelancer will be the architect of your website, helping you showcase your brand identity in terms of graphics, colour scheme, typography, and general look and feel of it, keeping in mind the perspective of the end-users. You can have your own Web Designer at an average of $12 per hour.

5. Website Developer

As a business owner, you have two options when it comes to having your own website – a template website or a custom website. Whatever you choose, you’ll need the expertise of a Web Developer. They can help you achieve a responsive website that is attractive to your audience while working side-by-side with a Web Designer. A Web Developer usually has an average rate of $18 while some can offer a fixed rate of $500 or more depending on your requirements.

Download my free infographic that you can print out and pin up in your office, you can locate the sign-up form on the right-hand side of this blog post.

6. Data Entry

Got a PDF or image file that you want to be encoded to a Word or Excel file? How about some details in your database that you want to be presented within a Google sheet? Or you need contact information across websites to be organized in a single file? All these and more are the scope of a Data Encoder’s work. For an average rate of $7 per hour, you can eliminate this mundane task out of your hands.

7. Internet Researcher

Do you need to know about the trends in your niche? Perhaps you want data from your competitor’s websites or social media campaigns. If you’re looking for specific information and don’t have the luxury of time to research it by yourself, then you will need the assistance of an Internet Researcher. A self-starting and analytical freelancer can deliver you the information you need at an average rate of $7 per hour. Just think about the hassle that you don’t have to experience when sifting through online content.

8. Content Writer

Content is king. You probably have heard this a million times. Except when you yourself are an A+ writer and you want to write your own content, hiring a Content Writer can help you stay on top of your online presence. Not only will this freelancer help you in coming up with regular high-quality blog posts, but they can also provide social media content, email marketing content, and more. Remember, having a steady flow of relevant and entertaining content keeps your audience engaged and informed. Content Writers usually charge per word and this varies depending on the style of writing you require.

9. Video Editor

Written content can be boring. This is why Graphic Designers and Video Editors exist. Now, posting videos on your blog or social media pages further strengthen your branding. Of course, you don’t want your videos to look amateur because your audience will not take you and your business seriously. The Video Editor can get their hands on your video recording to make it more presentable. They can include sub-texts and pop-up graphics for better appeal. The average rate of a Video Editor is $25 per hour.

10. Social Media Marketer

Social media eats up a huge part of any online person’s time. Now, what better way to take advantage of these than by promoting your brand on these channels? Of course, it can be time-consuming to manage your social media accounts by yourself that is why I encourage my clients to hire their own Social Media Manager or Marketer. This way, they can ensure maintenance of their online presence through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest among others. They can represent your brand on these channels to keep your followers engaged, entertained, and informed about your business. The rate starts at $20 per hours for this type of service.

The infographic below highlights the 10 key skills to outsource to grow your business. This is done by one of Charm Outsourcing’s freelancers who offers infographic design services. Illustrations like this make your content more engaging than merely using plain text.

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