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Outsourcing tasks will only benefit you if doing so is allowing you to save time, make more money, and grow your business faster. When outsourcing jobs to a freelancer isn’t giving you the benefits mentioned here, you’re doing it wrong!

So where could you be going wrong?

Let’s face it, open market freelancing platforms such as Upwork are often just a place to meet freelance talent from all over the world. They don’t vet freelancers (because they’re not an agency!) and don’t manage the hires for you (again, because they’re not an agency!). Remember, you’re truly on your own when you go seek a freelancer without arming yourself with the basics of how outsourcing works.

Don’t want to fall for the Top 3 Outsourcing Mistakes? Read on to find out how you can avoid them.

Looking for a Freelancer in the Wrong Places

This is an outsourcing mistake that a lot of people make and are often totally oblivious to. You cannot expect to post a job and find good freelancers if you posted it on the wrong platform, right?

An example would be hiring off from Craigslist. I say this because by choosing people there, you won’t have access to real feedback from the freelancer’s past clients. Another example would be hiring from a freelancing website but using the wrong category in searching for the freelancer you need. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find an excellent graphic designer if you are searching under content writers or social media marketers!

You see, the best freelancers in their respective fields know how to use tags and click on the right categories of skills that they offer to make themselves more visible to potential clients. To find them, you need to use the right categories and search terms as well.

The above also means that when you sign up to an outsourcing platform, you need to read up on how the site works or do The Ultimate Outsourcing System Course that I have created. This way, you can maximise how using the categories and search terms on their site can help you. Investing an hour or two in getting to know your chosen outsourcing platform can save you hours of work.

Hiring a Jack of All Trades (or looking for one)

It is quite common to see freelancer profiles claiming to be a guru, ninja, rockstar, and more. It is also common to read profiles from freelancers that say they can write content, build websites, manage social media, design infographics, cure diseases, juggle 20 balls while walking a tightrope, and the like. You know what I mean…

Although the above is quite funny, it is not a laughing matter. Generally speaking, freelancers with profiles like the above have those written in their profiles because they are desperate for work – any work, even those that they don’t have an idea how to do any of those task. Hiring them or looking for them is self-sabotage.


Do you really believe that someone trying to find a job online is an expert in so many skills? An expert in 5 to 10 RELATED skills is possible, yes; but being an expert or a guru in so many unrelated skills usually means they are spreading themselves too thin.

Why would you hire someone who claims that he or she can do a lot with (nearly guaranteed) mediocre outcome when you can choose to hire real experts in their specific fields? This is a rookie mistake, and you’re not doing yourself any favours if you try to look for a freelancer that can do everything for you.

Sabotaging Yourself with a Poorly Written Job Description

The last outsourcing mistake I’m discussing with you is turning away great freelancers because of a poorly written job description. See the example below. There is no job description at all and they are asking applicants to answer a question they left out. Don’t be a bad client and write scribbles like the example below.  Learn to write a Job Description in less than 10 minutes that will have the right Virtual Assistants and Freelancers lining up to work with you, follow my simple Video Lesson and use the fillable template.

Poorly Written Job Description

This outsourcing mistake is a pet peeve among freelancers and for good reason. You see, professional freelancers vet their clients too. It is not just us doing the ‘choosing’ so to speak.

A poorly written job description conveys a lot of negative messages such as:

  • You don’t know what you want
  • You are not serious with hiring/you’re not really looking to hire
  • Your project will be an energy drain
  • You will be a pain to work with because of communication issues
  • You won’t be able to appreciate working with an expert even if the freelancer fell on your lap like a miracle
  • And more!


You surely don’t want your job post to seem like a time-waster or attract the wrong crowd, right? This is why writing a good job description and project brief is part of the various service bundles we offer at Charm Outsourcing and why we created The Ultimate Outsourcing Training System for you.

I want to help you avoid these disastrous and costly outsourcing mistakes because I know how devastating the effects these can have. We’re talking about weeks to months of outsourcing issues that can take a lot of time and money to correct. Want to find out where else could you be committing outsourcing errors and how to correct them join our membership site and online community Ultimate Outsourcing System.

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