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The gig economy is taking over almost every profession in the world. Small businesses have now found it easier to connect with experts from all over the globe and at competitive rates. This has seen the emergence and growth of freelancing work sites such as Fiverr where for as little as $5 you can be started on your next big start-up project. Fiverr has become even more popular thanks to the recent changes on Upwork, another popular freelancing site.

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So Why Should Small Businesses Converge On Fiverr?

Large corporations and blue-chip companies have the capital to hire brains that will do everything. A small business does not have that kind of money to spare but the main advantage that you have is time. The greatest investment to make Fiverr work for you, is the time to go through profiles.

Can Small Businesses and Startups Find Great Talent On Fiverr?

The answer to this question lies in how your due diligence is conducted. Fiverr has good sellers and to find them you need to just do a bit of research.  You will be developing the skills you need for long term success without stressing about startup funds and investment. In short, you have to start from somewhere and that may just happens to be Fiverr.

But I heard That Upwork Is The Best Place to Hire Freelancers

Both Upwork and Fiverr are great sites where thousands of freelancers trade their skill for good rates. For years, Upwork was the go to site when it came to hiring freelancers but that cannot be said of the site today.

The rules have became tighter for freelancers and costs have gone up for both freelancers and clients which means as a client you now have two things to worry about, the money and the talent. They do have a thorough screening process where freelancers have to pass tests, be verified via video calls and payments are done via escrow but at a cost of $49.99 USD per month, it comes at a price.

Fiverr can be best described as the better option for those with low budgets that still need help in getting things done by an expert. It is the home of diverse and robust skill sets. The site is well organized, and you can easily find what you are looking for.

Beginners are the ones who normally start charging $5 but as they grow their skills, this rate increases. Five years ago everyone charged $5 but as the site has evolved so have the prices. However it is free to use the platform which is a major advantage.

Also note that there are freelancers with accounts on both Fiverr and Upwork who offer the same services at different prices.

10 Hiring Tips To Get Startups Started On Fiverr

  1. Read the terms and conditions

Information is power and if you want to navigate this site successfully then you better know the rules and regulations. Think of it as protecting yourself from fraud or any other unforeseen occurrences that can be minimized when you are in the know.

  1. Set up one account

Fiverr does not take pleasure in having users who operate through several accounts. That is a sign of not being credible so set up a single account. Put in all the necessary details.  Choose a good name and profile picture preferably a professional headshot will do.  Profile pictures can be changed, and you can even add videos that explain what you want.

  1. Set up your budget

Do not go in blindly, set your maximum budget. This means that you have narrowed down your search and will save time in finding the best fit.

  1. Save the best

There are plenty of freelancers to go around and you will be put to task in choosing one or a few of them from the very best. This can be achieved by saving your favourites so that you can take a good peruse later.  All you need to do is click on the love icon on the seller’s profile.

  1. Contact the seller before placing an order

Do not be in a rush to click the order button. Contact the seller and let them explain to you what exactly their capabilities are.  Finding the right gig does not necessarily mean you have found the right freelancer. Click the contact me button instead and ask the seller all the questions pertaining to the service required. The answers from each seller will help you in your selection of the right fit.

  1. Let the system work for you by posting a request

Most clients are unaware of this Fiverr feature. This is how you go about it:

  • Click on the Username at the top of your Fiverr page
  • Select My Orders
  • Select Request a Gig by clicking the green button
  • Write a brief of at least 120 characters
  • Select category and sub-category

Post a request to the seller community so that thousands of freelancers can view it. Do not leave out any project details because that would be equivalent to false advertising. The request has to be approved by the Fiverr team before it goes live. Sellers who offer such services as requested will contact you with their offers.

  1. Throw in a secret word

To make your work easier, throw in a secret word and ask the sellers to use it when responding to your request. The shock you will get is from the fact that many freelancers will not follow this instruction and the ones who do will be few. These few are your best shot because they are good with details.

  1. Check for the X factor

Many freelancers copy paste responses so you will have to have a keen eye for this. Check if they offer any revisions. Go for a seller who offers revisions because that is a sign of a listener and a learner. You should also check the delivery time; how long do they take with a project? As much as it takes at least a day to finish a project on Fiverr, kindly note that each one is unique. A day might not be enough and at the same time 5 days might be too much so depending on your project, choose a reasonable delivery time. Do note that sellers can deliver within a short period of time if you pay more. At the same time, patience also pays.

  1. It’s time for shortlisting

You now have your best candidates, those who responded to your request and those whom you saved as your favorites.  Check their ratings and reviews. Four out of five is good.  The number of reviews is dependent on various factors such as project complexity but 10 and above is good for simple projects and 100+ for serious ones.

You should also see how many orders they have in queue because the more they have on their plate, the lesser the attention they will give to your project. Rushed work has never resulted in excellent quality. Shortlist 5 freelancers that match your standards and you are comfortable with.

  1. Start small

You will definitely have bigger projects but before that, do trial runs first. Start with a small project of let’s say $50 and use it to gauge the seller’s quality. You can sign each of them work worth $10. This is your way of eliminating the best from the best and avoiding future surprises especially with bigger projects on the line.

An additional tip is that once you assign the sellers work, check to see who asks the most questions. Most clients take this to be a sign of not understanding the instructions, but it is actually the opposite. A freelancer asks questions for purposes of clarity and direction. It is also a sign of great experience and enthusiasm.

What’s On Offer For $5?

If you want to get great freelancers on Fiverr, then you have to be willing to set aside enough time in finding them. Plan and structure your projects well before communicating them to the freelancers. Most of the Fiverr problems circumvent round poor communication so as a client communicate from the word go and see how far five dollars can go in building your business empire.

Can you still find a service worth $5 on Fiverr? The answer is yes. Every Fiverr seller offers 3 packages and for $5 you can get the basic package. How do you find these basic packages? Just check if their gig says starting at $5 and you will be good to go. NB: That is $5 USD.

Here are a couple we found for $5 in under 5 minutes!

I Will Professionally Edit 5 Product Photos For Online Shop
I Will Do 5 Superb Animated Logo Intro Videos In 24 Hours
I Will Write 5 To 50 Social Media Posts
I Will Make 5 Water Splash Logo Intro Video