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Running a business can be really demanding especially if you are trying to be a one-man team. Start-ups and even long-running companies face the dilemma of micro-managing their business operations. The usual scenario? Business owners getting robbed off their personal time and feeling burnt out!

This is just one of the many reasons why Charm Outsourcing was born.

A Brief History of Source Smart

Source Smart is the brainchild of Charmaine Thring. She loves outsourcing tasks online to lessen her plate and make time to travel. It all started when she had to step up for her friend’s business. The marketing agency that was in charge of the project suddenly went MIA and the tasks were not delivered. She found Odesk (now Upwork) and quickly realised that there is talent all over the world that you can tap into.

Having a background in the realm of corporate marketing for one of Australia’s largest cinema chains, an opportunity to work online while earning money through marketing and being able to travel presented itself. This ignited her passion for outsourcing and the rest is history.

Source Smart as a Resource Centre for Clients and Freelancers

Source Smart is the education arm of Charm Marketing. At present, this platform is a dedicated resource centre for all things outsourcing. Business owners who desire to explore the benefits of outsourcing can make use of the Source Smart resources to learn how to scale up their business. Specifically, this site is a leading source of information on the following aspects of outsourcing:

  • What to Do and What Not to Do

Outsourcing can be a very vague term for business owners who encounter it for the first time. This is where Source Smart comes in. We eliminate the overwhelm you have to face in learning how outsourcing can work to your advantage. With over 10 years of experience in this field, Charmaine put together all her substantial experience to provide education and training on outsourcing in one go-to channel.

Here, you will learn the initial steps to take when outsourcing a task for the first time as well as the things to avoid so you don’t end up failing at it.

  • What to Outsource

 It is wrong for outsourcing agencies to assume that clients who are outsourcing for the first time already know what to outsource. How could they possibly know if they haven’t tried it before? In this platform, clients will have a better understanding of the specific tasks they can outsource to free up their time and be able to focus on the integral aspects of their business. Remember, those smaller chunks of repetitive tasks are the ones needed to be assigned to the right people.

If clients are totally clueless about what to outsource, how much more when it comes to identifying who to outsource to? Another misconception about outsourcing is that a single VA (Virtual Assistant) can do all the work for a client. If this is your thinking, then believe me, you are doomed for disappointment. You cannot make use of a freelancer’s efficiency if you will put everything on their plate. Freelancers have different skill sets. To be able to make the most out of outsourcing and the money you are paying, you have to know who does different tasks more effectively.

It is better to hire one for graphic design, one for content writing, one for social media management, and so on than to hire a one-man team. Believe me, one freelancer doing all the legwork for you is not a good way to save money. In fact, you are simply throwing your dollars down the drain!

How Much to Pay?

Often, clients single-handedly exploring the world of outsourcing end up disappointed. Either they get overcharged or the freelancers they hire under-deliver. We do not want you to be taken advantage of especially if this is the first time you will outsource. We understand exactly the appropriate market rates and would love to offer this information to you for FREE! We value your hard-earned money as much as you do.

Source Smart Understands the Problems Start-ups and Small Businesses Face

Reality tells us that having a small budget is the #1 problem of start-up businesses. This is why we want to teach you how to maximise your outsourcing dollars so you only get top-quality results. We’d love to see your business grow and hear your testimonial about how outsourcing has saved you and your business. After all this is how Charm Marketing was created 12 years ago.

Source Smart Provides the Solution to This Problem

The resources that you can access in here not only inform you about the world of outsourcing. It also provides you the solutions to your problem, which is outsourcing itself, done the right way.

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