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I have been a Virtual Assistant for 5 years now and I don’t have my own office.

Working at home, sometimes I am in our living room or in my room. Sometimes I come across an interview where the interviewer is annoyed by the noise of my dogs and chickens in the background.

We live in a rural area that is why we have raised our own chickens at home. And I can’t help it when they make noise.

Edralyn1It is very disappointing on my part to fail in an interview because of the noise in the background and not because I don’t have the skills that they need.

I always wanted to buy a noise cancellation headset but I didn’t have a budget for it. I need to prioritise the needs of my two children with things like milk, diapers and groceries before I can save to buy a new head set.

I know it is a good investment to buy a noise cancellation headset as it is a big chance to get hired but I didn’t have the money to buy one as they are very expensive.

I’m happy to have a good friend and a mentor who is always there for me, who taught me many things about life and work.

So happy now, I got my new headset, thanks to Charmaine.

Edralyn (Virtual Assistant)