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You love it when a client commends you for a job well done, don’t you? Nothing makes you happier than receiving a 5-star rating from your client, right?

But, did you know that as a freelancer, it’s also important to appreciate your clients?

Most freelancers think that doing a good job is all it takes to keep a client happy. To some extent, that is totally true. However, given that the number of freelancers is growing daily, it’s important that as a freelancer you do everything that you can to keep your client interested in working with you.

Building a relationship with your clients is one of the best ways to keep them working with you in the long term.

Freelancers who show gratitude to their clients have a higher chance of building strong working relationships with them.

When you show your current clients some gratitude they will remember that gesture in future. They feel valued and will want to keep working with you. They may not have work for you at the moment but whenever an opportunity comes up, they will remember you for making them feel valuable.

Past clients will also appreciate a gesture of gratitude and they may actually get to work with you again or give you a referral.

Thanking and rewarding your clients shows that you value your client, makes you stand out and most importantly gives you a chance to stay in contact with your clients without speaking business. This makes them know that you see them as people and not just a source of business or robots on the other side of the computer.

So how do you appreciate your clients?

Before we get down to a few good ways to it’s important to note that you don’t have to wait until it’s holiday time to show your clients some appreciation. The holidays are always a good excuse to show them some love but an occasional gesture of gratitude year round will go a long way.

Send a Thank You Card

Every now and then take time to thank your clients for giving you the opportunity to work with them. Don’t overdo it for it to be heartfelt. You can send your client a simple thank you card. This can be a handwritten card sent via post or if you’re both in different countries you can send them a beautiful e-card. The goal here is to make it as personal and authentic as possible.

Send a Gift

This is especially great for clients that you have been working with for a long time. You can choose to send them a personalised gift over the festive season or better still during their birthday, work anniversary, wedding anniversary or any other personal celebration you’re aware of. Again, if in different countries and shipping costs are too high you can offer them a gift card such as an Amazon gift card.

Another great way for offering your clients a gift during celebrations of milestones in their life is to offer them a discount for your services. Say you’re a copywriter you could offer your services to them at a discounted rate during their birthday month.

Add them to a VIP List

Not all clients are the same. You’ll have a few clients who are super awesome to work with or those who are always sending work your way. Others simply offer you great rates and always pay you on time. No matter what makes them great, you have a good reason to appreciate them. You can do this by adding them to a VIP list and offer them special discounts, occasional gifts, free consultation time etc.

Offer them a Referral Discount

If you’re in need of new clients, which most freelancers are, there is no better way to find them than from your existing clients. However, you have to offer your clients an incentive to refer you. Offer your clients a discount for your services for referring you to other clients. Offering them a referral discount will help you kill two birds with one stone. You get to appreciate your clients and in return, without much thought, they refer you to other great clients. Don’t forget to send a thank you note/email every time a client sends business your way.

Buy Their Products/Services

Another great way of rewarding your clients for the business they send your way is to support their own businesses. Whenever you can, buy their products or services to show them your support.

For those clients whose products or services aren’t anything you’re interested in you could show your support by promoting their business on your social media platforms so that your friends, family, and fans can know about them and buy. Endorse them on LinkedIn you never know who might be in need of their business within your circles.

By supporting your client’s business you show them that you believe in what they are doing. They get to see you as more than a freelancer and more of a kind and nice person and you know what? They’ll want to keep working with you. This also shows them that you appreciate working with them and that they are important to you.

Send them Shout-outs

With your client’s permission, give them a shout-out on social media or mention them in your newsletter. You could have a weekly or monthly client appreciation month where you spotlight your clients thanking them for supporting you.

Just Say It

Lastly, how about we keep it simple. Without overthinking it just go out and simply say thank you. During your next call with a client finish it off with a thank you for their support. When sending them the next invoice, include a few words of gratitude. Or simply send them a virtual greeting out of the blues!

We all love to be acknowledged, even in the simplest of ways. So take some time once in a while and acknowledge your clients for sustaining your freelance business because without them you won’t be able to enjoy the wonderful life of being a freelancer!