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Too busy to focus on marketing your freelance business? Not sure how to attract lucrative international clients?

This live workshop will take the hard work out of how to freelance and profit!  Imagine how you will feel when you are able to grow your client base or get your first client plus get paid USD?

Chances are if you have ever tried freelancing online or wanted to and did not know where to start you have been left feeling frustrated or like you have missed something.

How are other people freelancing and making a living in India, the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh yet you are struggling to get out the starting gate?

How is it possible to have international clients that brief in work for their projects and best of all keep coming back again and again to hire you?

The reason so many freelancers are not succeeding and reaping the benefits is very simple, freelancers are not business people.

You are creative or skilled in a few areas but no one has trained you on how to communicate with International clients. Take a brief, understand the client’s expectations, and then retain the client. Add to that cultural differences you are not aware of and it is no wonder you are left wondering what went wrong.

Platforms like Upwork, 99 designs, Fiverr, and Freelancer have provided a direct link between the employer and freelancers but you are left to work out everything else, from how to pitch, present the winning trial tasks, and most importantly get return business and live the life you dreamed of.

On top of that, it is the “talk” amongst freelancers to get direct clients so you don’t need to pay commission to the platforms. But are you ready to start paying for your own marketing and do you even know where to start to find these elusive International clients?

Let me show you how to freelance and profit.

12 Types of Freelancers Who Should Definitely Attend

1. Freelancers starting an online business that has to learn how to market themselves. Either via a FB page, website, or a portfolio with samples of their work. You can’t go direct to clients without having social proof of what you can do.

2. Freelancers that would love to tap into working with International clients without getting ripped off.

4. People working 9 – 5 who are trying to start a freelance business.

5. Freelancers that want a flexible lifestyle and are that are tired of working long hours for little pay in their own countries and traveling for hours to and from work.

6. Freelancers that would like to start their own digital agency and make serious money online and travel (work from anywhere, anytime).

7. Anyone considering going into business and working online – It’s absolutely vital that you discover exactly where the world is now headed and how crucial working online is to your livelihood.

8. Anyone who wants to immediately stop wasting time and money learning the hard way – I have already made the mistakes and faced a huge learning curve – so you don’t have to.

9. Anyone interested in wealth creation – You can’t afford to ignore freelancing and earning USD whilst spending in your local currency. I lived in Vietnam and how great is it to be richer without working harder because of the currency?

10.Anyone responsible for sales and marketing – including CEO, sales, and marketing managers that want to transition to freelancing and working from home. Simply, it is one of the ways of the future, again, not to be ignored.

11. Freelancers are shy to speak to clients and need training on how to sell and close a client on a live call and this is where you are missing out as this is your advantage of 90% of freelancers.

12. Anyone sick of trying to work things out on their own and want to learn from a real live person that is an agency owner that looks after clients and has 10 years experience outsourcing to freelancers from non-native English speaking countries.

Not to mention having lived in many developing countries with a younger generation of motivated freelancers and learning first hand the challenges you face.

Locations and Dates:

Online via Zoom.
Every Wednesday for 4 weeks! Commencing Wednesday, October 28 –  Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

Investment $ 25 USD Special price for 2020 (Never to be repeated again!)

Time: 10 pm-midnight Brisbane time