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(Case Study) Feeling overwhelmed? Not even sure which business task to outsource first? Wearing every hat?

Following a great conversation with a small business owner earlier this evening he posed a fantastic question “where do I even start? What task do I outsource first?

The answer is the task that is taking you the most time and does not make you any money.

We identified in his business that every month he spends 2 – 3 days reconciling online sales with what he paid for each product in his e commerce business. This is a data entry tasks.

Three days of his valuable time that does not make any money, reduces his family time, gives him a headache and he does not like the task however it is a necessary evil.

This would be the first task to outsource as it will save him time, money (as he can be working on generating sales) and relieve his headache.

Best of all a Virtual Assistant can do this task for $4 an hour and in the 3 days he now has free he is sure to make more than the cost of outsourcing this task.

The idea is to to start small with just one task and use the time and money you free up and your sanity to work on income generating tasks or lead generation like content creation which can also then be outsourced next. Once you know the system of hiring right, briefing and managing.

As each month our business owner has 2000 entries that need to be input, we discussed him breaking this down for the VA so they do the first 20 after his instructions, then send to him to check, then 500, 1000 and 2000. You don’t want to outsource the entire 2000 and find out the task was not done correctly.

By month 3 the VA will understand the business inside and out and be super fast at this task and now we have a happy business owner working on outsourcing content creation so he can find new product lines.

So my question to you is, what task would you outsource first in your business based on the criteria above?