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Too busy to focus on marketing your business? Not sure what to outsource, where or who to?

This 1 day event will take the hard work out of outsourcing for you.  Imagine how you will feel when you are able to brief in your very first outsourced task by the end of the day!

Chances are if you have ever tried outsourcing online or wanted to and did not know where to start you have been left feeling frustrated or like you have missed something.

How are other people outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant in India or the Philippines and getting results?

How is it possible to have an outsourced graphic designer that works on your projects while you sleep and for a fraction of the cost of what you pay in a Western country?

The reason so many people are not succeeding and reaping the benefits is very simple, business people are not experienced in briefing in artwork, many startups and entrepreneurs are new to running a business and not skilled in the art of hiring and managing staff on or offshore and then managing that team.

We used to use advertising agencies where we had account managers that liaised between the client and the creative team.

Platforms like Upwork, 99 designs, Fiverr and Freelancer have provided a direct link between the employer and the creative allowing costs to be significantly reduced but ONLY if you have the right skill set.

14 Types of People Who Should Definitely Attend

1. People starting an online business and need a logo, website and social media graphics.

2. Small business owners/online businesses that need a new website, overhaul brand, social media pages and don’t want to pay a fortune to expensive local companies.

3. People that would love to outsource overseas (or are outsourcing without success) to save $ but don’t know how and are worried about getting ripped off.

4. People working 9 – 5 who are trying to start a business.

5. Business owners that want a flexible workforce that don’t finish work at 5pm and take days to return emails.

6. Business owners that would like to start their own digital agency and make serious money from outsourcing and travel (work from anywhere, anytime).

7. Anyone currently in business – Outsourcing is a rapidly growing phenomenon you simply cannot afford to ignore.

8. Anyone considering going into business – It’s absolutely vital that you discover exactly where outsourcing “fits” in your specific plan.

9. Anyone who wants to immediately stop wasting time & money learning the hard way – I have already made the mistakes and faced a huge learning curve – so you don’t have to.

10. Anyone interested in wealth creation – You can’t afford to ignore outsourcing either!

11. Anyone wanting a quantum leap/breakthrough on the ‘Net – because that is 100% exactly what I have for you.

12.Anyone responsible for sales and marketing – including CEO, sales and marketing managers. Simply, it is one of the ways of the future, again, not to be ignored.

13.Anyone wanting to start an online business –  save time, money and irritation.

14. Anyone sick of the hype being spread about outsourcing.

Locations and Dates:

Perth Australia – TBC
Gold Coast – TBC

Investment $ 197 plus GST

Time:  10am – 4pm