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Not everyone has the budget to hire a digital marketing agency so outsourcing is the next best thing but you are not sure where to start, what to outsource, how to do it and are worried about losing money.
Worry no more. Charm Outsourcing is your resource centre which will enable you to kick start that project, outsource for your task, bring on a Virtual Assistant confidently as you will understand how to communicate and manage freelancers.

stressedladyHaving trouble sleeping?

Waking up at 3am stressed because your bookkeeping is a mess and your BAS is overdue?

Your latest invoice from your bookkeeper is enormous and you don’t know how on earth you are going to find the money to pay it?

Need to deliver on an urgent marketing proposal in order to secure your new client and need an expert in Powerpoint to present it professionally?

Not enough revenue and you need to build a team to handle your marketing so you can focus on your core business?

Ready to pull our hair out because your website developer has taken 3 months to finish your site or is not calling you back.


happybusinessmanI have created this site to help you outsource using my systems that I put in place for my team and large corporate clients. They have enabled me to build my own digital marketing agency, Charm Marketing.

The purpose of Charm Outsourcing is to equip you with enough knowledge and resources to get you started. I will show you how to hire the right freelancer online, manage the team and write the correct job descriptions and briefs.

This is going to save you a lot of time because you will avoid miscommunication between yourself and your freelancers, leaving you free to focus on sales and work on your business and not in it.

My Little Black Book:
Coming soon a complete list of resources from my little black book collated over the last 10 years that include:

Where To Source Freelancers

Top Task To Outsource to a Virtual Assistant