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About Charmaine:

Charmaine Thring loves to outsource tasks online to free up her time to travel. It all started when a task an agency was in charge of went over budget, did not communicate or complete the project plus asked for more money, so she took over for her friend’s business. The solution she found was online, Odesk now Upwork. Having worked in corporate marketing for one of Austrralia’s largest cinema chains the solution to being able to work online, travel and earn money from marketing now presented itself.

The Charm Marketing agency was born 9 years ago and it was clear that clients and freelancers speak a different language so her new mission was to teach clients and freelancers how to best work together. What better way to make money and work your own hours by having others do the work for you while you enjoy life.

Charm Outsourcing is the lifestyle, education & travel part of the business so now you can live this life too. Mixing her love of Vietnam, where she lives half the year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam she now runs an annual Outsourcing Mastermind Retreat in the beautiful, ancient city of Hoi An and teaches clients how to outsource.