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Firstly let’s talk about you.

You’re a time-poor, exceptional sales professional, currently masquerading as a juggler.

You’re awesome at selling.You can sell houses, online products, sell out live events, cardboard boxes, retreats, digital marketing services– you name it, you can sell it.But what you can’t do very well is juggle, and yet that seems to be all you’re doing these days.

Balls are dropping all over the place as you scramble to balance your workload, marketing, home life,family life, and that elusive thing called free time.

You’re the owner of a small to medium business with big responsibilities and very little time.

You’re sick of being in catch-up mode.You want to get ahead.You want to be in control. You want to generate work while staying on top of the work you already have.

And you’re serious too. You understand that to achieve your desired goals you need to invest and be open to new ideas and technology that you know will further generate sales.

You run a business that you love, but you’re run off your feet.

You don’t want to put a marketing person on the payroll, you want to invest in timely, outsourced marketing projects – that gets results.

You’re willing to invest because you’re open to exciting, profit-increasing strategies.

You’re an entrepreneur with big ideas and need to build a flexible team to rapidly grow and scale your business without huge overheads.

Not everyone has it, but you do. That magic. That star factor. People are drawn to you.

And you know that you can harness your brand to generate a healthy income. There’s one slight problem.

You don’t know much about branding and online marketing, and you don’t have the time or inclination to learn from scratch.

That’s where Charm Outsourcing comes in. We’re your biggest fan.

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