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Distracted freelancer

Productivity leads to motivation and happiness. It does not come easy. Most productive people first spend their time learning the secrets of success before embarking on their journeys.

Every productive person has a habit that makes everything they put their hands-on flourish. Here is the list of 8 secrets that productive people use to become more successful.

Time Consciousness

Time conscious freelancer
Time conscious freelancer

They say time is the wisest counselor of all, and all productive people believe this. They know that their time is the most valuable thing in the world.

Take a look at your current daily schedule and see where you can make available time for important tasks and also, what tasks or activities could you eliminate? Valuable time can be reallocated to improving your productivity. Do you have a morning routine?

Highly productive people have a morning routine, so they can get more done during the day for their clients or business. Richard Branson and Tony Robbins are both successful businessmen that follow strict morning routines.

Well Executed Planning

Detailed planning provides certainty on what you should be working on at any given time.

When making a decision in a reactive mode average performers do not reach their goals as they have not planned thoroughly for long term success.

To produce a high level of productivity, successful people separate their planning and creation processes. A good plan will ensure that every project meets its deadline successfully.

Drop Multitasking

Freelancer Multitasking
Freelancer multitasking

Brief mental blocks created by shifting between different tasks can cost you up to 40 percent of your productive time.

It is well known that if you put all your energy and concentration into one activity, it guarantees the success of the operation.

Spending Time With Successful People

Jim Rohn famously said, “That we are the average of people we spend the most time with.”
Studies show that we become like the people we surround ourselves with. If they are motivated, happy, productive, and self-driven, that propels us to be more productive.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted freelancer
Distracted freelancer

It is easy to get distracted, like checking social media accounts every few minutes, emails, replying to text messages, or watching Netflix. All of these things reduce your productivity.

Schedule calls and meetings for either the mornings or afternoons to reduce distractions. Limit your TV or Netflix time to when you have completed your work.

“Elon Musk spends 30-minutes going through “critical emails,” grabs a cup of coffee, showers, and heads into the office.” Read more about his routine here


Keeping motivation and energy all the time is not easy. Celebrate the small wins, they add up to big wins. When you achieve a goal, make sure to take the time to reward yourself, in turn, this motivates you to keep showing up every day and doing your best.

Spark a passion for reading self- motivation books, meditation, or listening podcasts to inspire yourself and become more productive.

Minimize Procrastination

Everyone is bound to get trapped by procrastination. Once you push aside just one project, it causes a chain reaction for all other tasks. The only remedy for procrastination is pushing to do work ahead of time by minimizing distractions, rewarding yourself, and committing to the task.

A productive day is a key to a successful life and more freedom to live life on your terms.

You can see the outcomes from rich and influential people mentioned in this post. By following the 8 secrets of productive people, you too can achieve their level of success!