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International clients are every freelancer’s dream. They will give you consistent work and most importantly pay you high rates—if you are the right freelancer.

Finding international clients is not a walk in the park for many freelancers, especially non-native English speaking freelancers.

Why is that the case while the freelance marketplace is full of international clients looking to hire qualified freelancers regardless of their location?

The truth is most non-native English speaking freelancers miss out on working with international clients not because they are inexperienced or unskilled. It’s simply because they keep making a few mistakes over and over.

First, they are not looking for clients that they feel are a good match for them. They keep taking work for the sake of it or because they need the money. A lot of freelancers get online and they just start trying to work with any client instead of picking the right ones. Then they end up giving up because they are too frustrated trying to keep the wrong client happy.

Another common mistake freelancers make is trying to be a jack of all trades. In their profiles, instead of leveraging the skills they have that they can get paid for, they say they can do everything. From data entry to writing to designing websites and more. This works against them because they can’t get long-term clients who are interested in working with an expert.

Communication is another huge problem for non-native English speaking freelancers. Many don’t understand the client’s language, culture, or dos and don’ts of working with an international client. Others are not confident enough to conduct a live interview with clients.

These mistakes can all be easily solved with the right training. Learn how to kick off your freelancing career with confidence, navigate client briefs, conduct live interviews, assemble the skills you need for success, and more.

5 Key Benefits of Training for Non-Native English Speaking Freelancers

Happy Freelancer

By investing your time and money to be trained on how to work with international clients you will learn how to:

  1. Attract more serious International clients

The internet is full of scammers and people out to take advantage of unsuspecting freelancers. So how do you ensure that you’re reaching out to genuine clients who will pay you the rate you deserve? You get to learn how to identify genuine clients and the tell-tale signs of a con out to rip you off.

By knowing which client to target and where to find them you’ll have less stress of trying to find clients so you can start earning sooner.

  1. Find your specialisation/niche

Don’t be a jack of all trades anymore. Think about what skills you have that you can get paid for.

Learn how to identify your best skills and the tasks you enjoy most in order to determine the right specialisation/niche for you. Long-term clients want to work with freelancers who are experts in specific areas and not someone who knows a little of everything.

  1. How to pitch and communicate with clients correctly

Freelancer taking a brief
Freelancer Taking a Brief

You will learn how to communicate with international clients in their own language whether you are pitching, replying to their emails, or simply discussing projects. This will help you build long-term working relationships and encourage long-term recurring work.

  1. Conducting live interviews

One of the biggest hurdles non-native English speaking freelancers face is conducting live, face to face interviews with clients. Many are not confident enough to do it and so they fail the interview not because they’re not qualified but because they can’t express themselves.

Through thorough training and live practice, you will learn how to prepare for an interview and questions to ask as well as how to take a brief.

  1. Understanding briefs and contracts

For a successful project, you must first understand what the client wants. Learn how to prepare client briefs and how to review them.

You will also learn how to prepare and enforce contracts to ensure both you and your clients are legally covered.

  1. How to upskill and upsell

Global Freelancers
Global Freelancers

The freelancing market is continuously changing and the skills you have now may not be as marketable in the near future. You will learn how to identify new skills that will make you even more marketable.

You will also learn how to sell more of your services to your existing clients and increase your chances of earning more.

Don’t struggle anymore trying to figure out how to work with international clients and earn top dollars.

Sign up NOW for only $27 USD early bird ($47 USD after 24 Jan) and start the training you need to find the right clients that pay top dollars!

Lessons start on Wednesday 10 February 2021.

4 Course Units with multiple modules & Weekly FB Live Mentoring Included