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How Many Of These 10 Tasks Did You Know You Could Outsource?

Even in 2019, business owners think they can’t outsource common office and marketing roles to online freelancers.

Many stick to the rigged ideology that office work can only be done at the office or by local agencies. When the reality is you can just about outsource any business or non-business related job, everything from appointment setting to will and testament writing:

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See, I told you anything can be outsourced.
Here’s another 10 business and office roles you can outsource that you probably didn’t know you could.

1.Website Design & Development

Whether you need a total website rebuild, a new website or updates to an existing site this can all be done by outsourcing.  Almost all design work is done using computer software making it one of the easiest tasks for businesses to outsource.

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2.Graphic Design

If you need new branding materials for your business or a new logo, brochure for a product or high-quality images for your next blog post, you needn’t look further than the Internet.

This also includes: Presentations, business cards, flyers, posters, website graphics and and many other design and creative jobs.

3.Data Entry

Data entry is a task that anybody can do, nobody wants to do and is usually done by employees who should be spending their time working on more essential tasks for your business.

Businesses give data entry tasks to employees who earn as much as $35ph, with large parts of their week clogged up with basic data entry that anyone could do.

By outsourcing these tasks you get the most value from your employees who can concentrate on the important stuff, while hiring freelancers (for a lot less than $35ph) to handle your data entry remotely.

This also includes: email list filtering, database maintenance, product list uploads.


Bookkeeping is the only task business owners and employees dread more than data entry.

The good new is you can outsource that too!

You no longer need to work overtime or get behind on your books anymore, get rid of the stress and outsource it to an expert.

This also includes: Financial planning, accounting, and human resources.

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5.Writing Work

You’d think a business would have to write its own About Us page…right?


Everything single task from company emails, blog posts, service pages and even your about us page can be outsourced:

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Thousands of freelancers make a full-time living from freelance writing. Having a go-to writer for your business allows you to write better emails, create weekly blog posts and write more compelling ad copy.

This also includes: eBooks, reports, translation, legal writing, business plans and technical writing.

6.Marketing Wizards

Should your business use Facebook or Twitter?

Are you better off starting a blog or a YouTube channel?

Is Facebook advertising right for your business or would Youtube advertising suit your market better?

If these are questions you ask yourself but aren’t sure of the answers, why haven’t you already outsourced your marketing to an expert?

With the transformation of online marketing, you no longer need a marketing manager in your office:

This also includes: keyword research, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, PR, lead generation, display advertising and much more.

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Ever thought about cold-calling prospects but didn’t find it a feasible way to generate leads and customers because the cost of labour was way too expensive?
Yes, as with many tasks that will grow your business, often the cost of hiring employees to implement them outweighs the ROI…until now:

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All telesales and customer service desks can be handled remotely, chances are you’ve called a company before and been redirected to a call centre in Asia.

This also includes: customer service, telemarketing, inbound calling.

8.Virtual Assistant

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own personal assistant who handles all your appointments, filters your emails, takes care of your travel arrangements and manages your personal and work calendar?

What a silly question, it would be amazing!

Hiring a personal assistant (PA) for 30-40 hours per week may not be a cost-effective solution, and depending on your needs you may not need them to work more than a few hours each day.

A virtual assistant (VA) offers greater flexibility and can work a few hours per week during quiet periods to full-time during your busiest times of month.

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9.Internet Research

Don’t have enough time to write-up a competitive analysis on your competition, learn what your followers are talking about on social media, or the hours to visit several websites to generate information for telesales or cold email marketing?

If you just answered yes, luckily for you there’s a huge online industry waiting to serve the needs of your business. There are freelancers who focus on Internet research and offer very competitive rates to help your business grow.

Picture 9

This also includes: surveys, statistical market data, product research, online and office data collection.

10. Get online business lessons

Would you love to be able to manage your own Facebook ads or implement SEO yourself but the blogs, courses and guides are all too complicated?

Today you can hire a freelancer to help you with any tasks you’re having trouble with as a personal business coach:

Often there will be times when you’re setting up Google Analytics, WordPress or Facebook Ads and hit a roadblock. Chances are you give up and never return to it again.

Hiring an online teacher for various tasks will help you get past the roadblocks and grow your business without breaking the bank.

Sometimes it’s not feasible to spend thousands of dollars to outsource your marketing strategy, but paying someone for a few hours of their time to walk you through how things work is often a better cost-effective solution.

You can even outsource praying for your business to be successful

Think your business will do better if you had someone pray for your success?

Picture 11

Okay, this one is a little far-fetched but for my last selection I really wanted to emphasise that you can outsource just about ANY job you can think of.

If you need something done, no matter how niche or small the task maybe, it can be outsourced.


As businesses become more reliant on the Internet to grow, they are also on the lookout for remote staff. Some of the world’s biggest startups have over half their staff working remotely:

Picture 12


Don’t limit your business’s potential by thinking outsourcing won’t work for you, it works for everyone.